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Palliative Care

Cullen Pharmacy is part of the Palliative Care Community Pharmacies. The aim of the scheme is to provide a network of Palliative Care Community Pharmacists with specialist pharmacist support. The network will develop ways of working, which supports individual practitioners to deliver high quality pharmaceutical palliative care to the local population irrespective of care setting. Community Pharmacy Palliative Care Pharmacists will carry a recommended stock of palliative care medicines and provide specialist advice to all other Community Pharmacists and other appropriate health care professionals as and when required based upon individual patient need. The overall aim is to ensure that patients can access palliative care medicines at the appropriate time to enable the patient to remain in their own home if desired.

The network of Community Pharmacists from across Grampian will:

  • ensure that the supply of items from the agreed list of palliative care medicines and the appropriate advice about those drugs and related matters be provided rapidly and efficiently on a day to day basis as requested by patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
  • liaise closely with a patients usual community pharmacist and ensure he or she is contacted and given any appropriate information after a contact is made through the scheme.
  • appreciate the importance of sympathetic support for patients and carers.

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