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Flu Jab

Flu Jab In Moray & Aberdeenshire

Flu vaccines are here (lasted updated 27th September 2023).

We are able to offer private flu vaccinations at £15 for this flu season.

Book your flu jab below – ONLY private £15 non-NHS:

Flu Vaccination Service In Cullen (Buckie, Moray)

You can get your flu jab from Cullen Pharmacy which runs flu clinics, at 28 – 30 Seafield St, Cullen, Buckie, AB56 4SH. No matter where you are live, we can provide the flu vaccine. Typically, we vaccinate those that live in Cullen, Buckie, Portsoy and surrounding areas, but also further afield throughout Moray and Aberdeenshire. We offer flu vaccines for those who want to get the flu jab this winter. You can make an appointment for our flu clinic online via our app or by phone.

If you would like to stay protected this flu season, just make an appointment by following the above link, or call us (01542 840 220) if you need a same day appointment. It’s quick, easy and means you are less likely to catch the flu virus this season. So if you want to keep flu at bay, and make sure you stay fit, healthy, and ready for work, and the holiday season.

Simply make an appointment by phone or by using our app, and we can keep help you stay protected against flu this winter.

There are also special rates if you are booking as a couple, a family, or as a company. All payments for the service are made on the day of appointment, and not through the website, so don’t worry if you don’t have to enter any payment information.

Flu Jabs | Flu Vaccines | From Cullen Pharmacy, Cullen, Buckie, Moray

Flu Jab Aberdeenshire

Not only are our flu jab clinics open to those in Moray, they are also open to anyone from Aberdeenshire too.

Eligible Groups **2023 – these categories no longer apply as the NHS do not offer free flu vaccinations via pharmacies**

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